Our Office

At our office you can meet the Academic Director, Program Manager and the RU On-site Coordinator. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. Feel free to drop by anytime!

Dr. Reginald D’Silva, Academic Director
Tel: 604-822-9125 – E-mail:

Sheri Wenman, Program Manager
Tel: 604-822-9511 – E-mail:

Eriko Okamoto, Ritsumeikan University

On-site Coordinator
Tel:  604 822-9501 – Email:

Instructional Team

Our team of instructors includes tenure track faculty members, sessional lecturers and graduate teaching assistants from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts.

 Term 1 teaching team members  – September 2018

LLED 200: Coordinator – Reginald D’Silva/Nasrin Kowkabi, (Ryan)

LLED 200-sections (001, 004 Nasrin Kowkabi), (002 Anna Dong), (003, 005  Caleb Lee)

ASTU/EDUC 210 – Reginald D’Silva, Coordinator

Section 001 Ryan Deschambault; Section 002, Natalia Balyasnikova; Section 003, Ai Mizuta; Section 004, Reginald D’Silva,

Tutorials (Sections 001 and 003, Zhuo Sun) (Section 002 and 004, Pramod Sah)

LLED 212 – 001 Ryan Deschambault and L01 Sara Van Dan Acker

LLED 220 – 001 Ai Mizuta and L01 Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan

LLED 223 – Ryan Deschambault and L01 Dmitri Detwyler

CDST 250A – Amy Conroy, Lecturer and Coordinator

Term 2 teaching team members  – 2019 January 

ASTU 201 – Ayaka Yoshimizu

Tutorials (Teodora Moraru, Anne Canute, Lilian Higashikata, Rosaley Gai, Kevin Chou)

T section tutorial (Zhuo Sun and Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan)

ASTU 202 – Jing Fu

Tutorials (Oliver Ruel, Olga Belokon, TaeYeon Eom, JoungChan Kwon, Devan Veres)

T section tutorial (Alice Ishige and Yuya Takeda)

LLED 201 – Nasrin Kowkabi,Anna Dong

LLED 213 – Ryan Deschambault

LLED 222 – Ryan Deschambault

LLED 223 – Reginald D’Silva

If you are interested in teaching LLED courses in our program for 2019 Academic Year, please view available positions on Language and Literacy Education Website.

Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Anna Kindler, Senior Advisor International, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education
  • Grace Wong, Senior Advisor International, Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic
  • Dr. Rumee Ahmed – Associate Dean, Communications and Innovations, ARTS
  • Dr. Anthony Paré,  LLED  Department Head
  • Lisa Altan, LLED Administrative Manager
  • Sheri Wenman, UBC-Ritsumeikan Programs Manager
  • Dr. Reginald D’Silva, UBC-Ritsumeikan Programs Academic Director

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