GCP Option

Global Citizenship Program (GCP)

The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) was primarily designed to support the growing internationalization of UBC’s student body and as a way of enriching the undergraduate academic experience.

Ritsumeikan students that choose this stream meet all of the UBC admissions requirements.

Participants in the GCP take courses with UBC students and complete a supervised Community Service Learning placement that enables students to see the real-life relevance of their classroom learning.

The GCP stream consists of 24 credits: 12 credits are required courses and 12 are approved electives.

GCP Overview

Required courses

The required courses have been specifically designed to address the goals of the Global Citizenship Program. All Ritsumeikan University students are required to take the 12 credits of required courses. All these courses are also open for registration to all UBC students.

  • LLED 200 (3 credits) Introduction to Writing in Academic and Professional Registers (Special section for GCP students)
  • LLED 201 (3 credits) Critical Reading and Writing in Academic and Professional Registers
  • ASTU 210/EDUC 210 (3 credits) Introduction to Global Citizenship (Part 1)
  • ASTU 211/EDUC 211 (3 credits) Introduction to Global Citizenship, (Part 2) which includes Capstone Conference and Service Learning
  • Writing Tutorial (non-credit)


Check out the courses section for details on content.

Elective courses

12 credits, drawn from existing UBC courses, grouped into the following thematic areas:

GCP strands

For a detailed list of recommended courses under each strand, please contact our Academic Director.