AEP Option

Academic Exchange Program (AEP Stream) 2017 W

The AEP stream consists of 24 credits from Language and Literacy Education (LLED) and Faculty of Arts courses. Registration for these courses is also open to all UBC students.

To complete the 24 credits of course work, students enroll in a combination of required and elective courses.

Required courses

All students in the AEP stream need to register in these courses.

Term 1 (Sep-Dec)

  • LLED 200 (3 credits) Introduction to Writing in Academic and Professional Registers
  • CDST 250 (3 credits) Introduction to Canada
  • ASTU/EDUC 210 (3 credits) Introduction to Global Citizenship

Term 2 (Jan-Apr)

  • LLED 201 (3 credits) Critical Reading and Writing in Academic and Professional Registers
  • ASTU 201 (3 credits) Canada Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies
  • ASTU 202 (3 credits) Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Political, Economic, and Geographical Perspectives

Elective courses

All students in the AEP stream need to complete 12 credits of LLED courses.

LLED elective courses consist of a weekly 3 hour interactive lecture plus a weekly 1.5 hour seminar session.

Students may choose from the following options, based on interest, seat availability and offerings (some courses are offered in term 1, others in term 2, some in both terms).

Scheduling varies from year to year.

  • LLED 212 (3 credits) Introduction to Language Communities and Variation in Language Practices
  • LLED 213 (3 credits) Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Socialization in Multicultural Contexts
  • LLED 220 (3 credits) Introduction to Translating in a Globalized Society
  • LLED 222 (3 credits) Introduction to Public and Private Language Practices in a Globalized Society
  • LLED 223 (3 credits) Introduction to the Nature of World Englishes

To find out more about LLED courses you can search the UBC calendar and/or contact the Academic Director and/or the course instructor(s).